Training & Awareness


• Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training aims to help you instill a culture of Cybersecurity within your organization.
• Each training session is tailored around your company's activity, personnel, objectives and policies. It is followed by a lively discussion and Q&A session to enable trainees to fully understand the material delivered.
• In their session, our trainers cover a wide range of Cybersecurity topics including: basic concepts of Cybersecurity, the importance of Cybersecurity in a digitized economy, the evolution of Cybersecurity threats and their different types, the latest risk identification and management solutions, the role of authentication measures and procedures, the importance of a holistic corporate Cybersecurity culture in preventing breaches, tools and techniques to protect confidential data, and tips and tricks on how to recognize fraud and limit your risk exposure.
• At PROACTIVE ITS, we also have the capabilities to develop course material to support your organization’s Cybersecurity training initiatives.