Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning

Every Business Continuity Strategy requires a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in which clear steps and procedures are detailed to guide your steps following a sudden service disruption.
BCPs are an essential tool of business adaptation and risk management. At PROACTIVE ITS, our professionals focus on developing integrated business continuity plans, response strategies, and recovery and resumption plans, while also documenting detailed procedures in order to ensure the sequential resumption of critical systems. Moreover, we design and conduct efficient tests to make sure our plans and business continuity programs deliver as per set objectives.

What are the 4 main objectives of a BCP?
1. Keep operations running in the context of a sudden or planned disruption
2. Ensure that the business has access to applications regardless of local failures
3. Ensure disaster recovery by maintaining a backup data center in a different location
4. Minimize the impact of downtime and disruptions on your essential services

What does a BCP include?
• Backup plans for every affected aspect of your business
• A comprehensive checklist of supplies, equipment, data backups and backup site locations
• A disaster recovery plan for handling networks, servers, personal computers and mobile devices' disruption
• A list of plan administrators, emergency responders, key personnel and backup site providers with their contact details
• Details on sustaining business operations during short and long-term service disruptions
• Methods of reinstating office productivity
• Manual workarounds until digital operations are restored
• A cyber-resilience strategy to counter digital risks, vulnerabilities, attacks and failures