Penetration Testing Internal

Penetration Testing is a method that helps identify risks by detecting network and application vulnerabilities. The concept is based on simulating an attack on your IT asset to test its weaknesses. At PROACTIVE ITS, we attempt to exploit vulnerabilities and exposures in your company’s infrastructure, applications, people and processes. Exploitation enables us to determine the vulnerability's context in terms of impact, threat and breach likelihood. We can also provide you with expert advice and strategic guidance on risk identification, assessment, and management, in addition to tailoring effective counter measures.

The 6 Stages of Penetration Testing

Top Benefits of Penetration Testing

1. Reduced Risk & Increased Protection.
2. Enhancement of Business Sustainability.
3. Proactive Protection of Business & Clients' Data.
4. Reduced Possibility of Suffering a Breach in Availability.
5. Reputation Protection.
6. Third-Party Protection.
7. Better Control over Brand Image.
8. Enhanced Trust & Bonds with External Stakeholders.