Business Continuity

IT Disaster Recovery & High Availability

Recent studies and statistics show that up to 70% of organizations encountering unpredictable service disruptions that result in serious data losses shut down their doors within one year. This alarming number highlights the importance of having a Disaster Recovery Plan and a Business Continuity Plan ready to roll out when crisis hits.

At PROACTIVE ITS, we understand the importance of having a full-fledged plan for preventing and coping with all possible disaster scenarios. That's why we adopt a holistic consultative approach to disaster recovery to ensure your key functions, processes, and data survive a worst-case scenario. To do so, we follow the below steps:

Working closely with concerned parties, we carefully examine your business to better understand its nature and identify risk areas and threats. This fact-finding method enables us to define exactly what is needed from a technology point of view, to keep your company operating in the event of disaster.

We create a tailor-made workplace disaster recovery plan to ensure the minimal acceptable level of operation based on priority functions; counteract cyber, software, hardware, or human threats; and spare you substantial financial losses.